Tremosine is made up of a group of several small villages located at altitudes varying from 400m to 600m. Arranged in a fan shape above Lake Garda, the villages are all in sunny positions and command spectacular views. There is still much to explore in and around the villages. Every corner of Tremosine has a story to tell, a vista to enjoy, a different view of life. In some cases we could even say that time has stopped, giving way to the force of Nature and its amazing, sometimes unbelievable scenery.

Sompriezzo di Tremosine is a little gem. About forty people live in the village of renovated or partly renovated old houses. Sompriezzo directly overlooks the lake - more so than the other villages - and commands an all-embracing panorama from north to south, looking over to Malcesine and Monte Baldo on the other side of the lake. A charming little village in the heart of the Upper Garda Park.

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